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Party Hostess tips
Party Hostess tips

 ~ Creating the Atmosphere ~

To help your pamper party run smoothly and efficiently as possible we have put together a list of some helpful tips. 


  •  Make sure the room is a comfortable temperature.
  • Lightly scented candles and soothing music will help create a relaxed mood.
  • If possible have a separate room for the massages and facials to take place. Our treatment couches are 6ft long & we need enough space to comfortably work around the couch. 
  • Ensure your guests arrive about half an hour before treatments are due to start.
  • We advice that you only invite a number of people that can comfortably fit in your home.
  • Food and drink, we recommend that you provide some healthy nibbles and advice your guests to drink alcohol in moderation if they are having a massage treatment.          
  •  Please provide a small table & a chair for your therapist for facial treatments. Manicures & Pedicures require a chair for both therapist & guest. 

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